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Our Academics

Intermediate Program

Intermediate students come to BCC with a sense of wonder, imagination, passion and optimism about the future. They are in a time of great physical change and growth, while also looking to establish their identity and find a sense of belonging. It is a time of growing self-awareness – of uncovering authentic selfhood while forging meaningful affiliations. We understand this period in a student’s life, and know just what they need to thrive.

At BCC we offer an integrated approach to learning and growing that works to support these adventures while also promoting academic rigor and meaningful learning. Our talented team of teachers are skilled in the learning and social needs of this age group and work within the program to ensure that students are supported academically, emotionally and spiritually during these pivotal years of development. Our students are provided the opportunity to explore the world and their place within it. They can discover and experience all the disciplines that we offer: Science, Design Technology, Music, Visual Art, Drama, Dance, Chinese, Literature, Business, Athletics, Robotics, History and Geography. Our teachers ensure that our students are a part of their own learning, defining and fueling their true potential.

We know that students immediately embrace opportunities to draw from personal and social experiences. They thrive and create when their stories, dreams, imagination, memories and hopes are valued. When we harness this spirit of inquiry and innovation and pair it with personal experiences, we foster a nurturing and age-appropriate environment where empowerment begins and prepares them for the next steps in their academic journey.

Senior Program

Our upper campus is a vibrant place to be. Grade 9 students explore new challenges and expectations, and surprise themselves by all they can do. By Grade 12, we expect they will have one foot in the demanding and emotional last year of upper division and the other well on the path to their very bright future. Our senior students look out for each other, and the younger students who so rightly look up to them as role models.

It is in our Senior program where students who want to change the world become young adults who do. Whether designing robots, competing in sports, or raising money for a worthy cause, our students push the boundaries of possibility by constantly challenging themselves. With a clear vision of what graduates need to thrive in today’s world, we lay the groundwork with rigorous academic standards, character-building experiences and a vast breadth of multi-disciplinary learning, so they can become the authors of their own success.


Our aim is to ensure our students thrive in a university world with academic success that is sharpened by powerful communication skills and an empathetic, ethical mindset. We know today’s students must always be looking to the future to prepare themselves to be transformational leaders of the world they will inhabit. Interdisciplinary academics at BCC lays the foundation to achieve their goals and forge their own life’s path.

BCC’s extensive range of student supports, excellent facilities, the application of new technology in many courses, and strong integration between academics and a vibrant co-curricular program, enhance our rich academic program.

Our culture of powerful learning establishes the pedagogical and curricular vision for learning, and the following principles guide our program:

  • Authentic, meaningful work

  • Community Involvement

  • Emergence

  • Engagement

  • Excellence

  • Innovation

  • Reciprocity

  • Transparency

BCC’s dedicated and passionate faculty encourage students not only to acquire subject-specific knowledge and skills, but also to develop the creative and critical thinking skills and the sense of self-confidence and knowledge of themselves as learners that will prepare them to embark on a rewarding lifelong journey.

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