Hello parents, I am honored to introduce myself as the president of BCC for the school year of 2019 ~ 2020. This is my 9th year and my last year in BCC, so I feel blessed by earning the opportunity to lead the student council. I would like to use my knowledge of students that I have gained over the past 9 years in BCC and 3 years in the student council to improve the quality of our students’ lives. I will try to listen to the students’ voice so that we make a government that the “students” want. I am also extremely thankful to everyone for putting full trust on me by voting for me. I know that there are numerous obligations that are in front of me as the president of the school, but I will try my best to handle them so that I can make a school that the students will truly enjoy. 


Louis Cho


Hello my name is Robin. I am 12th grade and I am a vice president this year. It is my second time joining student council so I might have lots of mistakes but I will try hard to make BCC better place for students. I will try to listen to all school rules so I can be a role model for 7th and 8th grade. Also I can promise one thing that I will try to make school fun!

Vice President

Robin Auh


Hello BCC students, Im Jun Lee and I will be the treasurer for this year. Thank you for voting for ma and I will make sure all the finances are regulated in an organized manner. I will try my best to help students develop and make them a wonderful and memorable year. 


Jun Lee



Hello everyone!!! My name is Daniel Cho. I am a secretary in 2019-2020. Thank you, everyone, that picked me. My goal is to know all BCC students and have a good relationship with others. Secretary is a job to take notes of everything and I promise everyone to take notes everything. You guys are free to ask me about school life. Let’s have a memorable year!! Cheer up!!

Daniel Cho


High School Representative

Christine Kye

Hello students, this is Christine Kye, your new high school representative! I'm really looking forward to having a great academic year with you guys. As high school representative, I will always be under the obligation to listen to you guys and also help you communicate with the teachers if you need. I am responsible for knowing everyone's opinions and thoughts on a diverse spectrum of matters, so if you have any concerns please come talk to me anytime, I'll be glad to listen/help. I'll make sure I try my best to be responsible, sympathetic and an accurate, helpful representative of what is the best useful for us as hardworking students. Thank you! 

Jinu Oh - Middleschool Rep.JPG

Middle School Representative

Jinu Oh

My name is Jinu from the 8th grade and I will be your Middle School representative for the year of 2019 and 2020. This will be my second year running for this position and you will not regret voting for me. As a student who has been in this school for the 8th year now, I will be there for  and every students that suffer from hard and stressful days or just a horrible Monday as usual. I will listen to every student’s opinions and will try my best to solve and answer questions in the most specific and detailed way possible. Thank you again for voting for me.


Middle School Representative

Jane Jung

For many years, I’ve wanted to be part of student council. My name is Jane Jung, I’m in 7th grade, the new middle school representative of 2019-2020. I’ve been attending BCC since I was in 3rd grade until now. The long term of staying in BCC made me know full of information needed. I am always prepared to listen to your voices. Thank you for all of your precious votes.